Elegance is the balance between proportions, emotions and surprise

Established in 1963 by my father and his brothers, our company draws inspiration from Tuscany’s rich artistic heritage. Through generations, we’ve crafted classic furniture, blending tradition with modern techniques. Our pieces reflect a fusion of styles and materials, honoring our roots while embracing innovation. Agostini furniture, entirely made in Italy, epitomizes timeless elegance and exclusivity.

Our craftsmanship shines through intricate marquetry, blending precious materials and harmonious patterns with innovations like mother-of-pearl and natural stones.

Inspired by our rich heritage, our furniture combines precious woods and enduring lacquered finishes, reflecting Italian artistry and designer creativity for elegant homes and refined settings.

Each piece boasts sinuous details, adding timeless elegance to any room, while soft shapes and luxurious fabrics offer relaxation in a wide range of sofas and armchairs across our collections.

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